He's a  g h o s t

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color meme - requested by battlebarnes
↳ steve rogers + cold colors

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one gifset per episode
 ↳ “The best and the bravest. And a very, very good sister.”

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I think a lot of people miss that ASOIAF is an attack on loving fantasy worlds. GRRM basically goes: “Hey, do you know how you would love to live in a fantasy land of knights and castles and maidens and all that? Well, you are an idiot, Feudalism is fucking horrific and you should feel ashamed for wishing for it. Look let me show you…”

ASOIAF, to me, is a love letter to democracy, equality and all the wonderful things we have, because it reminds you how horrendous a world without them is.

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please can someone create a transparent toaster so i can see how my toast is while its toasting 

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We’re so different. All of us.

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“His teammates refer to him as ‘Radio’ because he never stops talking and he does not stop running, either.”

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Of all the trees we could’ve hit, we had to get one that hits back.

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